Mentors and Buddies

It has been difficult times lately, especially for you students. A lack of social contacts, a harder time studying and a lack of guidance possibilities at the university. This might be true more so for international students. Although better times seem like a not so distant future, getting there might take a bit longer and harder for all of us. As a student society we want to help all of you with these matters as well and have come up with two ideas to help you out.

We have found four amazing mentors who would be happy to be a listening ear for you and provide you with guidance. Besides that, we have a registration form for a buddy system. Sign up for this and you will be matched with a fellow student to talk, study and hang out with, your new buddy.


Below are the four awesome mentors we have found to give you some advice and direction. They have written a short description about themselves so you can get to know them a bit. At the bottom there is a registration form to sign up with your preferred mentor.

Regina Hoffmann

Regina is the department manager of the GSE department at CiTG. She is from The Netherlands but spent her childhood living in seven countries, developing an international mindset.

After university, she combined her passion for technology with her language skills by working as a translator at KPN Telecom in The Hague and worked as a technical writer at the Halliburton Oil Services Research Centre in Leiderdorp. She then switched to teaching at several polytechnics and then at TU Delft, teaching classes ranging from qualitative research skills to project management and communication skills. She was also in charge of running the educational modules for all twelve dreamteams in the dreamhall, ranging from high voltage safety courses to social media impact workshops. Furthermore, she enjoys high intensity trainings, dancing salsa and spending good times with friends and family. Likewise, she enjoys helping students and recognizes that the path to a successful future does not always seem straightforward, particularly now in corona times.
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Anne Pluymakers

Anne is an assistant professor at CiTG. She is born in Amersfoort, the Netherlands, After high school she went to France for a year (2003), followed by 7 months Lanzarote (Spain) in 2004.

She came back to the Netherlands to study geology, with a BSc, MSc and PhD from Utrecht University (2005-2015). From 2015 to 2018 she did a post-doc with Oslo University in Norway, so despite being Dutch, she well aware what it is to move across borders and settle in a new country. I love to travel, but my more lockdown-safe hobbies include walking, reading and cooking.
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Pierre-Olivier Bruna

Pierre is a post-doc in the Apply Geology section at CiTG. He was born in Aubagne, France. He did his BSc, MSc and PhD in Aix-Marseille University (2004-2013).

From 2013 to 2016 he occupied a position of structural geologist in the Northern Territory Geological Survey in Australia. In late 2016 he moved to TU Delft to complete post-doctoral academic research. For Pierre living in a new country is a source of cultural and scientific development. He will be very happy to share his experience about how he deals with the present situation and to give some nice tips about cool open-air activities to do near the University. Pierre practices judo since 30 years and he recently became one of the judo teacher in the local club of Delft. He likes spending time with his family and friends outside.
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Hadi Hajibeygi

Hadi is associate professor at CiTG. He was born in Tehran, Iran. Between 2007-2011 he did his PhD in ETH Zurich, in Switzerland. In between he also worked at Chevron Energy Technology in California.

Then he joined Stanford University, in California until 2013 when he joined TU Delft. Between 2017-2020 he was guest professor at Stuttgart University in Germany. Having lived in many countries and continents, he believes “to travel is to live”. Beside work, he enjoys reading books, watching movies, spending time with friends and family, and thinking of new ways to change the environment around him for better. He used to travel to disadvantaged villages to teach school students for free, during his time as a university student.
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Use this form to get in contact with a mentor.


Below you will find the registration form for the buddy system. Sign up here and you’ll be matched with a fellow student to study/talk/play games with.